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Product Design / 2021



Easy Garage is my solution to simplify garage management. As a fellow garage owner, I created this app Create Order for car service UI flow to address the UX issues we often face. It streamlines service orders, jobs, and payments with a user-friendly design. This is not just an app, it's my way of making our lives as garage owners a bit easier. Welcome to Easy Garage – where managing car services is hassle-free.


Research, analysis, product design, design systems, user-testing, and design delivery.


2 designers, 1 UX Researcher, 1 product manager 5+ engineers.


June 2020 —  July 2020

Discover Phase

Defining the Scope

In outlining the scope of Easy Garage, the primary objective is to streamline and optimize every aspect of garage operations. From seamlessly creating and managing service orders to efficiently handling jobs and parts, Easy Garage is designed to enhance operational efficiency. The scope extends beyond mere functionality – it's about creating an intuitive and user-friendly platform that simplifies the daily tasks of garage owners. As we delve into defining the scope, the focus remains on providing a comprehensive solution that meets the unique needs of garage management with clarity and simplicity. Easy Garage is not just a tool; it's a tailored approach to redefine how garage operations are conducted.


  • Efficiency in Service Orders: Streamline the creation and management of service orders for quicker and more straightforward operations.

  • Optimized Job and Parts Handling: Improve efficiency by providing a clear and organized system for handling jobs and tracking necessary parts.

  • User-Friendly Design: Prioritize a user-centric design to simplify operations, ensuring Easy Garage is intuitive and accessible for all garage owners.

User Research

  1. Understanding User Needs: Conduct in-depth research to identify the specific needs and pain points of garage owners in managing service orders, jobs, and parts.

  1. Feedback on Current Operations: Gather insights into the current tools and methods used by garage owners, aiming to understand what works well and where improvements are needed.

  1. User Interaction Preferences: Investigate user preferences in terms of interface design and functionality, focusing on creating an app that aligns seamlessly with the way garage owners operate.

Devlope Phase

Implementing the Strategy

Final Designs

Initiate a development sprint to implement the core features identified during the planning phase, focusing on creating a robust foundation for service order management, job handling, and parts organization.